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MCC is a child abuse and neglect prevention program. The neighborhoods we prioritize are those that have been in identified as having the highest rates of child removal and entry into the foster care system. Our goal is to work with and teach families skills that will help them work through challenging times without involvement with the State, and also to assist in helping parents build protective factors to ensure healthy and positive relationships with their children and provide buffers in times of stress.

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Parenting Classes

Strong families make strong communities. Please contact us if you wish to speak about ways we can help you and your family, or is you are interested in volunteering or working with us!

Parenting Cafes

Welcome to My Community Cares! MCC is a neighborhood and family driven approach to offer services to families where they are and based on what families tell us they need.

Community Support

Currently, we primarily serve Lafayette’s 70501 and 70506 zip codes, although we can work with families outside of this area, neighborhoods within these zip codes are where we hold classes, parent cafes and events.

The Extra Mile Mission

We further the community’s understanding of the agencies we serve, the services they provide and the needs of the communities receiving these services. Through a variety of fund development activities and through the donation of goods and services, we help meet the needs of others referred by State Agency partners, including the Office of Behavioral Health, Acadiana Area Human Services District and Department of Children and Family Services.

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