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More about Claire

This is my "project" page.  I've included some publications I've had.  I've included some missions and other projects I've been part of.



Promulgator- Health & Wellness

I wrote for the Lafayette publication the "Promulgator," a magazine published by lawyers for lawyers.  My health and wellness contributions lasted 2020-2022.


Click here to see them all. (It's a .docx, so it will download when you click here.)


Collaborative Divorce

I work to gather professionals in mental health, financial planning, real estate, and lawyers to best help our divorced and divorcing clients.

Click here for more info.

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Divorce Doula

I created a coaching program for clients to complete while they are working with their attorney.  It's evidence based in psychology.  

Click here for more info.


My children!

I have two sweet boys.  You're welcome to take a look at my personal life... it kind of weaves interchangeably with my professional life.  How many moms get to buy "mom books" as a business write-off?!

Instagram here.

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