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I'm Claire and I'm the founding member of Collaborative Divorce Lafayette.  We meet every other month and we encourage professionals who handle divorced and divorcing clients to attend as well.  we include attorneys, mental health professionals, financial planning/products professionals, and real estate/mortgage/banking professionals.  

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Lafayette Collaborative Divorce

The Lafayette Professionals have the following bullet points to best describe our vision for collaborative divorce:

  • Resolution focused, child focused, interests analysis, makes things easier

  • Helping people find out what they want

  • Partners who don’t handle finances can get up to speed with a financial advisor and mental health professional

  • We’ll work to compile fees sheet and present to law institute

  • Likely to encourage pre-divorce counselor use, including allowing parents to have MHPs who help identify that divorce is coming, which allows them to get their kids to a counselor to talk/treat and best maintain relationships with both parents

  • Psych and law connect

  • Allows parents to learn to parent together based on the plan they create together

  • Gives parent opportunity to be on same page as other parent without adversarial arena

  • Allows professionals to educate clients where courts don’t have time or opportunity to do so

  • Reduce LONG TERM costs for families

  • Removing attorneys who are damaging for children

  • Helps open lines of communication between professionals, esp. as simple as a phone call, to the LONG TERM benefit of the client and reduction of costs.

Let's Talk

Here's a chat from me to you about collaborative divorce.

...and more videos below:

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