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Multiple projects. Over the past several years, I have successfully managed and prioritized multiple projects concurrently. A pivotal aspect of my current income stream involves attending court sessions every other Monday and Wednesday for my Public Defender City Court work, as well as handling court hearings and client consultations on Thursdays for my non-profit contract with The Extra Mile. Additionally, I dedicate time on alternate Mondays and Wednesdays to private clients, offering specialized representation in family law cases. Simultaneously, I run the operations of my private practice, overseeing financial management for both my assistants and the overall business.


While it may seem that these responsibilities align with specific days of the week, the reality involves a continuous influx of phone calls and emails that require prompt attention, strategic prioritization, and efficient delegation of tasks. To manage this dynamic workload, I employ a combination of big picture and small picture "SMART" goals. I meticulously ensure that all tasks are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Taking deliberate steps towards goal execution, I regularly assess progress and make necessary adjustments for improved achievability. To facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, I conduct regular check-in meetings, fostering an open dialogue among the individuals involved. This approach extends to the courtroom, where maintaining positive interactions with key personnel enhances the efficiency of my responsibilities.


Workplace diversity. One significant instance demonstrating my adept handling of diverse work styles within a team was during the onboarding of an attorney. At that time, my team comprised two paralegals, each focused on distinct areas of work. To address the varying work styles, I initiated regular team meetings where we collectively focused on individual tasks, aligning them with overarching SMART goals. This strategic approach ensured that all team members, regardless of their personalities, were achieving their designated tasks. As a result, the team developed cohesion and effective collaboration, with each member contributing their strengths to the overall success of the firm.

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