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Undergoing a serious family law issue can make you feel confused about your future and how to protect your family and assets. Our holistic family law approach can help.  Divorce, child custody, and support disputes are difficult experiences and emotionally taxing.  Before making any rash decisions, speak with an attorney who can pave the road for the legal process peculiar to family law and take a relationships driven approach.

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When we first talk on the phone, you can ask to speak with an attorney who will triage your issues and set the tone for the upcoming process.

After the phone talk with an attorney, you will schedule a one hour consultation in person (telephone and zoom ok too) with the attorney.  Attending this consultation allows you to tell your story and allows the attorney to assess a legal strategy.

Welcome to the Claire Edwards Law Firm

At Claire Edwards Law Firm we offer family law solutions.  Whether it's a parenting plan to help keep mom and dad on schedule or it's a child support analysis to prepare mom or dad for court, we do it!  Effective January 1, 2024, we exclusively handle out of court family law matters.  This includes consulting regarding upcoming court dates, education for discernment of filing pleadings, and document preparations.

All our clients have to do is start with a consultation session and unpack their story.  They then need to stay on task with reviewing documents we prepare for them and coming to the office to sign and ask any questions.  Finally, clients get to act on the agreed upon documents they enter into.  The goal is for our clients to feel a sense of autonomy and ease with parenting and navigating intimate relationships.

My holistic approach is to listen to clients and help them navigate some practical steps in addition to the legal steps of the process.  Further, I encourage a collaborative approach- my clients with the best results collaborate with mental health providers, coaches, and financial planners.

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Claire Bergeron Edwards

Reading and writing bring me joy, and I focused my interests at an early age on the law because it is full of written details.  Soon I learned that the complexity and structure of the law are also hugely appealing to me. Then, as I began attending court, drafting pleadings, and maintaining correspondence, I discovered I love advocating on behalf of my clients and protecting individuals’ rights.


Advocating for the rights my clients hold dear frees them to focus on their work and live their lives. And that matters as much to me as it does to them.

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  • B.A., English Literature, LSU Baton Rouge, 2009

  • J.D., Southern University Law Center, 2012


  • Louisiana, 2012


  • St. John Cathedral Parishioner

  • Lafayette Bar Association

  • Hilliard Museum Advisory Board

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Client Testimonials 

"Very nice and knowledgeable what she's doing and her staff if I had to use her again I would thank you so much and your staff for being so knowledgeable and nice to everybody." 
- Jonathan


Mailing: P.O. Box 51845

Lafayette, LA 70505

Office: 337-233-3616

Cell: 337-258-4491

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