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Claire Edwards Law Firm: New Location

This is an impossible article to write and stay 100% attorney-level objective. I'm going to get emotional and overshare here.

I've decided to leave my downtown office that I've had for over eight years now. Put simply, my kids deserve a "work from home parent" and it's my turn to carry that torch.

Christopher is five years old and doing great in school. He attends kindergarten at Myrtle and the other day he told me he was bored because he already knows French, mommy. My big pride right now is he's coloring in the lines and he's interested in reading and drawing.

Jack (his real name is Joseph, but we like to call him "Jack") is three years old and is almost done with daycare. He's potty trained himself which means he gets to do cross-fit kids at school, which is perfect because he's very physically active and having jumping and hanging is a great outlet for him.

Evan has joined with two partners and purchased 969 Coolidge St., an office building that he is using for his law firm. It's been a fun experience being married to a commercial real estate owner. Regarding being married to a lawyer, honestly, if I'm doing my job right, I'm sending him cases when they are overflow for me.

So if you're the "work from home parent," are you a "stay at home mom"? This is where the emotions are. I'm here for my kids, and I'm here for my clients. Both are 100% true. They do not conflict. I have excellent child care professionals in place to help with the children when I need to work. In fact, I had a in-house consult last week and the client stayed until 530p before the kids ever showed up at the house. I have excellent legal support for private clients- two paralegals go a long way!

After a three year break, I'm back in City Court working misdemeanors and traffic every other Monday and Wednesday. Additionally, I've picked up a contract with The Extra Mile, offering legal services to those persons in the My Community Cares network. This work is so rewarding for me and I'm so thankful for it.

I'm so thrilled to take new clients from the house. I've lost the facade of "work life balance" and now my clients are my family. We screen clients very well, and I'm often able to answer some quick questions on the phone to prevent poor use of valuable time.

All of this is to say the new SERVICE OF PROCESS address is 1005 Montrose Blvd., Lafayette, LA 70503, and the new MAILING ADDRESS is P.O. Box 51845, Lafayette, LA 70505,

I do it all for these guys. So much love to Evan, Christopher, and Jack, may this new chapter be for the best for you!

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