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Long-Arm Service

What is long-arm service?

Non-resident In Louisiana, long arm service of process is a method of service of process that allows a court to assert jurisdiction over a non-resident defendant.

Connections Long arm service of process is used when the defendant is not a resident of Louisiana, but has certain connections to the state that would make it fair and reasonable to require them to defend a lawsuit in Louisiana.

Circumstances The Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure defines several circumstances in which a court may exercise jurisdiction over a non-resident defendant through long arm service of process. These include: business, property, injury, contract, and tort.

Last Known Address Once the court has determined that it has jurisdiction over the non-resident defendant through long arm service of process, the defendant can be served the legal documents, such as a summons or complaint, by leaving the documents at the defendant's last known address via certified mail.

Certified Mail Certified mail is a type of mail service offered by the United States Postal Service that provides the sender with a receipt indicating that the mail was delivered to the recipient. This receipt can be used as evidence that the legal documents were delivered to the defendant in a long arm service of process.

Affidavit of Service To know that long arm service is complete, you will need to check with the court or the process server to confirm that the legal documents have been properly served on the defendant. In some cases, an Affidavit of Service will also be filed with the court indicating that the legal documents have been served on the defendant. The person who fills out the Affidavit of Service is typically the process server or the officer of the court who served the legal documents on the defendant. The Affidavit of Service is a document that includes the details of the service of process, such as the date and time the documents were served and the manner in which they were served.

As always, please contact an attorney to properly complete these legal procedures.

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