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Theft: Lafayette City Court

I'm back in City Court!! I love the clerks here, I love the judges here, and I love the docket quickness!

I want to keep things smooth by sharing info on this website:

Bridge Back to Life LLC- Office: 337-322-1684

Classes are provided at 701 North Pierce St., Lafayette, LA

MRT Workbook must be completed prior to receiving certificate.

Payment plans are accepted. Payment must be in full to issue certificate.

Cash or money order only.

Classes Offered


Anger Management- 2 days


Values Clarification- 1 day


Domestic Violence- 13 weeks


Extended Program- Moral Reasoning-13 weeks


A few other notes:

  • Theft under $50.00 results in a $180.00 fine

  • PTI is offered on a case by case basis. This means "pre-trial intervention"- please be sure to ask your attorney if you qualify.

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